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A retrofit for current R66 aircraft; installs in two easy steps in just 8-12 man-hours.

Filtration for the Robinson R66

Protect your aircraft’s most valuable asset from damaging foreign object debris, and delay costly overhaul, with an advanced Inlet Barrier Filter (IBF) from Donaldson. Learn how a cleaner engine can save you money and improve your operation.

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Separation efficiency > 99% so you can fly with confidence in extreme environments.

Meet or exceed engine TBO requirements for reduced maintenance costs; delay costly overhaul.

In addition to installation business, Service Centers and Dealers that buy from Donaldson will enjoy a cost savings.



Modifies the existing R66 filter with Donaldson high-performance oiled media. The flexible filter is delivered flat, then curved during installation for 320 degrees of coverage, most notably, exceptional drive shaft protection.

Filter Life

Filter requires service just once every 300 hours with a 4,500-hour (15 cycle) total lifespan; postpone costly overhaul.


The R66 filter is approved for installation worldwide, both as a factory option on new aircraft and to the aftermarket.


The R66 IBF utilizes the existing bypass system and incorporates a filter maintenance aid. This enables on-condition monitoring while the aircraft is on the ground for pre- and post-flight filter health assessments.

Advanced Inlet Barrier Filter (IBF) for the R66

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There are a lot of reasons so many operators say they won’t fly without Donaldson IBF protection. From avoiding unscheduled maintenance to extending the time between overhaul, find out how installing IBFs is an investment that pays operators dividends for years to come, and talk to Donaldson about how purchasing and installing Donaldson IBFs will benefit your business with competitive pricing and installation work.